Overview of our Media group

Master of All Media

Our Media group is the most prestigious and renowned in the market. We started our media journey a decade ago, and until now, we have managed to collaborate with some of the big names in the media networks.

Our Media group is a multi-platform network, and are available in multiple languages. During this ten years journey, we have managed to reach out to millions of readers, listeners, viewers, and followers.

Users & Followers

Worldwide user-base:
Based in India, our own projects has international reader base.

Biggest follower base:
Our projects have millions of followers.

Reasons to connect with us

Multiple platforms

We have our own brands and we also collaboration with multiple platform, and these include some of the most popular names, GyaniPandit, Jio chat, OneIndia, Sharechat, and many more…


The network team, along with the sources, had made us reach a vast audience. Our broadcast network includes Web portals and channels in multiple languages.

Qualified Authors/Writers/Editors

Our network has some of the best and professional Authors/Writers/Editors which has made our entire journey very smooth.

Creative team

Our network includes a team of employees who are very creative. They put all the efforts to get us more followers and viewers.

Our network has been created in a way that we can deal with big projects. We have multiple platforms and have a good audience reach which helps us getting millions of views from our followers.

Our network focuses on journalistic and editorial excellence, and it is a barometer for trust, professionalism, and excellence in media across Publishing, broadcasting, Digital and other platforms.